Ecuador Fam Trips


Why Ecuador?

Ecuador has everything a traveler could want packed into a country the size of Colorado; historic Quito – a UNESCO world heritage site, towering active volcanoes, Amazonian jungle, dense cloud forest, exotic bird life, snowy Andes and an island chain unique in all the world for wildlife encounters.  All of this is located in the Pacific Time Zone, within 3 to 6 hours flight time from the US.  The people are welcoming and the travel value is exceptional.

Suggested itinerary (pricing upon request / land only):

Day 1               Arrive Quito (2 days)

Day 2-4           Mindo Cloud Forest – Pachijal Reserve Ecologica (2 – 4 days) $125 / night

Day 4 – 8/9     Amazon – Yachana Lodge (4 – 5 days) (Flight to Coca $130 rt)  5 days / 4 nights $640

Day 8/9 – 13   Galapagos Islands (4 days) (Flight Quito to Galapagos ~$390 rt) 5 days / 4 nights ~$1500

Day 13/14       Quito to US


Optional Extensions (pricing upon request / land only):

1-9 day Horseback Excursion Quito to Mindo Cloud Forest – Green Horse Ranch

1-2 day Otovalo Market town tour with optional stay in Hacienda

1-2 day Cotopaxi Mountain Adventure Tour – Mountain biking, hiking, sightseeing


Airfare: $450 – $700 rt (LAX departure)

American Airlines

Continental Airlines

Copa Airlines

Avianca Airlines


Quito – UNESCO world heritage site, this metropolis boasts one of Latin America’s greatest concentrations of colonial churches, plazas, museums and historic buildings.  Located in a valley at 9,300 feet, this spectacular city is surrounded by towering volcanic peaks and rich agricultural land.

Option 1 – Green Horse Ranch horseback riding adventure

Option 2 – Otavalo market town tour

Option 3 – Cotopaxi mountain adventure tour


Mindo Cloud Forest – A haven for birders and naturalists, this area boasts 500 of the 1800 bird species found in Ecuador, in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet.  Set in a delicate paradise of orchids, see-through butterflies and mammoth tree ferns, Pachijal Reserva Ecologica Lodge offers accommodations in a place integrated with nature.  Experience your choice of serenity, birding, rafting, hiking, or horseback riding with experienced indigenous guides.

Amazon Jungle – The deep green expanse of the Amazon rainforest begins in Ecuador and stretches across Latin America to the shores of the Atlantic.  Here, where rivers serve as highways and a machete is an essential hiking tool, the rainforest buzzes, shrieks, and pulsates with life both day and, even more so, at night.  Award-winning, Yachana Lodge, 2 hours by canoe from Coca, offers a unique experiential learning experience aimed at educating visitors about environmental and cultural sustainability while providing a window into the world of the Amazonian people.

Galapagos Islands – These islands offer an unparalleled experience for animal lovers to meet nose to nose with exotic wildlife on their terms.  Our carefully selected tours offer hiking, snorkeling (or diving), and licensed guides to several islands, each uniquely known for its wildlife.

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