Program | Project Leadership

Do you have a project or initiative to drive global impact? 

  • An effective project manager must possess leadership skills that inspire and motivate, coupled with the ability to strategically plan and navigate risks.
  • Facilitating change requires fostering a culture of innovation and diplomatically managing diverse stakeholder interests.
  • Collaborating with clients to achieve defined outcomes requires problem-solving and the ability to pivot as needed for the betterment of the project.
  • A clear financial plan with implications allows for informed decision making.
  • Advising clients about industry trends and best practices gives the client the right tools to achieve an optimum outcome.

My experience includes:

  • Directing Workflow and Alignment: Managed the direction of multiple projects spanning diverse business channels, ensuring alignment with project scopes, budgets, timelines, and processes while contributing to the development and refinement of overarching program strategies and objectives.
  • Budget and Schedule Optimization: Developed and negotiated budgets and schedules with stakeholders, optimizing resource allocation and driving project success while contributing to the development of program budgets and resource allocation plans to support long-term sustainability and growth.
  • International Event Coordination: Led the coordination of international advocacy events and summits, overseeing all aspects of event planning, logistics, and execution to ensure seamless operations and alignment with organizational goals, contributing to the development and expansion of global program initiatives and partnerships.
  • Risk Management: Proactively identified and addressed potential risks and challenges, implementing mitigation strategies to minimize disruptions and maximize project outcomes while contributing insights and recommendations to enhance program resilience and adaptability in response to threats and opportunities.
  • Quality Assurance: Maintained a high standard of quality throughout all project phases, conducting thorough reviews and evaluations to ensure deliverables met or exceeded expectations while contributing to the development of program evaluation frameworks and performance metrics to assess program effectiveness and impact.
  • Continuous Improvement: Implemented process improvements and best practices to enhance project efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within project teams and contributing to the refinement and optimization of program management methodologies and practices.

Cross Functional Collaboration | Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborated with internal and external stakeholders to develop and manage project budgets, negotiating resources and schedules to optimize processes while ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.
  • Vendor Management: Established and maintained productive relationships with vendors and suppliers, negotiating contracts, and service agreements to secure favorable terms and deliver high-quality products and services within budget constraints.
  • Logistics and Event Management: Managed event logistics, including budgeting, vendor partnerships, travel arrangements, and on-site execution, while monitoring ROI/KPIs to measure event impact and identify areas for improvement.
  • Team Leadership and Coordination: Provided leadership and direction to cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration, communication, and accountability to achieve project goals and deliverables on time and within budget.
  • Conflict Resolution: Effectively resolved conflicts and addressed challenges that arose during project execution, maintaining a positive and constructive working environment to ensure team cohesion and productivity.
  • Communication and Reporting: Communicated project status, updates, and key milestones to stakeholders through regular meetings, reports, and presentations, fostering transparency and accountability throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Partnership Development: Cultivated strategic partnerships with organizations across various sectors to amplify advocacy efforts and broaden coalitions of supporters committed to advancing shared goals and objectives.
  • International Negotiation: Leveraged international experience to establish partnerships and negotiate agreements with governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, ensuring project success across diverse global contexts while navigating cultural, political, and regulatory differences.
  • Representation and Advocacy: Represented organizations in external forums promoting the organization’s mission to key stakeholders.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Designed and implemented monitoring and evaluation frameworks to assess the effectiveness and impact of initiatives, collecting and analyzing data to measure progress, identify lessons learned, and inform decision-making and strategic planning processes.

Media & Communications

  • Media production and management spanning six continents and over 30 countries.
  • Delivered complex media projects for clients such as CBS, ZDF, NHK, Discovery Networks, Food Network, HBO, Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony, ABC, NBC, PBS, and BBC.
  • Proven ability to navigate international landscapes, negotiate governmental agreements, and orchestrate seamless productions for all types of budgets.
  • Concept Development and creative direction: Brainstorm and develop original show concepts and formats.
  • Casting and Talent Management: Oversee the casting process, conducting auditions, interviews, and screen tests to select diverse and dynamic cast members, and managing talent relationships, contracts, and schedules throughout production.
  • Production Planning and Logistics: Develop detailed production plans, budgets, and schedules, coordinating all aspects of pre-production, including location scouting, set design, wardrobe selection, and equipment rentals, to ensure smooth and efficient production operations.
  • Compliance and Legal Oversight: Ensure compliance with network standards and industry regulations, overseeing legal clearances, releases, and contracts, and addressing any issues or concerns related to content, ethics, or rights management throughout the production process.
  • Strategic Communication: Developed and implemented communication strategies to raise awareness of critical issues, engage target audiences, and mobilize support for advocacy campaigns and initiatives, leveraging a mix of traditional and digital communication channels to maximize impact and reach.