I’ve worked with Ingrid in two roles – first for Philips when she was brought in as a Project Manager to develop and implement a workflow process for the marketing department of the BG Domestic Appliances team. When I moved to Danone, I brought her in as a Project Manager for a new innovation project with a tight deadline and undefined deliverables. Both projects were completed successfully. Ingrid was an absolute pleasure to work with. I definitely welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Hiliana Fienieg Global Head of Digital Innovation, Danone

Ingrid is a very allround project manager who brought a lot of valuable experience to the project she ran at Philips. She knows how to navigate complex organisational set ups and was able to align a wide array of stakeholders behind her. It was a true pleasure working with her!

Thijs Hoogenboom Head of Asset & Content Production, Philips

“I love working with Ingrid! We’ve now done several complicated projects together, and she is calm, organized and professional. This is refreshing in a world where things are happening at a rapid pace. She keeps things on track and I highly recommend her.”

Amy Hecht Owner, Brown Stone Studio Graphic Design - TIAA

“Working with Ingrid is fun, and for lack of a better word, comforting! Her knowledge of logistics, event planning and execution and project management is extensive, which inspires great confidence. Whatever is new or unexpected, she handles with ingenuity and grit, which is all the more reassuring. Ingrid is creative, capable, inspired and NO-nonsense. I am always looking for an opportunity to work with her again.”

Colleen Callaway Eager Marketing Strategist, Business Development, Communications Consultant

“Ingrid is a very hard working and talented Producer.”

Julian Grimmond Managing Director, Global Film Solutions, New Zealand

“Ingrid is one of the most talented producers I’ve ever worked with. As an intuitive and creative problem-solver, she’s an enormous asset to any production team. She is a team player who enjoys helping others and brings out the best in everyone around her. She’s got the experience and wisdom to manage all kinds of productions and deliver the highest quality programming to any client.” 

Martha Conboy Emmy Award Winning Documentary Film Producer (Executive Producer, Discovery Channel / National Geographic)

“I worked for a number of years on CBS’s The Amazing Race as a security and health & safety advisor during the production phase of each season. For the security and safety team, this was forty days of continuous travel once around the globe in a fast-moving, ever-changing and self-directing scenario. It can best be described as forty days of controlled crisis. Short of war, it is one of the most challenging environments I have worked in. It required of the security team enormous flexibility of response as events and unexpected situations unfolded, almost on a daily basis. We could not have done our jobs without Ingrid’s unwavering 24/7 logistic support. Night or day she responded with calm efficiency and good humour to our short-notice demands for change. Utterly dependable and highly efficient, Ingrid Lantz’s support was our bedrock of stability and the critical success factor that kept us moving and CBS’s multi-Emmy award-winning show safe, season after season. I recommend her services without reservation or hesitation.” 

Miloš Stanković MBE Author, Security & Safety Specialist

“She assisted my producer in securing locations and crew in four cities. She worked with a firm fixed budget and time frame and was able to exceed our expectations and relieve the burden from my in-house staff. She was very professional and had a great back and forth communications style with my team.” 

Megan Cranston Project Manager, Post Modern Company

“Ingrid is an incredible resource of knowledge and experience in the world of production. She evolved into one of our critical production managers in the field, building up a show with local fixers, then creating a show in a weeks time prior to shooting. She was responsible for handling every facet from budget to character development to set design to talent wrangling, and she handled all with a fierce determination and a fantastic sense of humor. Unflappable is the word I would use to describe her. In every situation, she had a solution that was both feasible and creative. As a production manager, field producer, or line producer…you can do no better.”

Tim McOsker Executive Producer / Head of Development, Citizen Pictures

“The Amazing Race” is arguably one of the most complicated, daunting and ultimately impressive undertakings in the history of television. Ingrid handled the logistics of getting people where they needed to be–all around the world. She did so with her customary grace and humor, a very welcome quality in the high-stakes world of competition reality shows. Whenever the situation got tense–and believe me, there were more than a few occasions when it did–Ingrid was there to sort it out and calm everyone down. The calm, cool confidence she brings to any production is beyond compare and rarely do you get to see someone at the top of their game taking so much pleasure in the good work that they do. She is a treasure and a joy to work with.”

Bill Pruitt Emmy Award Winning Producer, The Amazing Race - CBS


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