Pachijal Reserva Ecologica Press Release


For Immediate ReleasePachijal - Ecuador

                                                                                        In the land of the Mindo Cloud Forest                                                                                      

         Pachijal Ecological Reserve Introduces a New Ecolodge in Ecuador

Mindo, Ecuador—September 26, 2007— Pachijal Ecological Reserve is pleased to announce the opening of a new ecolodge and preserve, Pachijal Reserva Ecologica, in the world-renowned birding and naturalist haven of the Mindo Cloud Forest, Ecuador.  Easily accessible via a newly opened modern roadway just two hours from Quito, a world heritage site, the Mindo Cloud Forest guarantees visitors a unique ecological wonderland experience.

Located in one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, this compact area boasts 500 of the 1800 bird species found in Ecuador. Set in a delicate paradise of orchids, see-through butterflies and mammoth tree ferns, Pachijal Reserva Ecologica Lodge offers accommodations in a place integrated with nature.  Built to complement the natural elements, the lodge was designed to bring visitors as close to nature and the natural world as possible.  Trees wind their way through the building between the “bricks and mortar” of the structure, creating a jungle-like feel enhanced by the sound and sight of wildlife just beyond the walls of the lodge.  At night, sparkling fireflies fill the sky and the transformation of the forest into a living, breathing wall of sound captivates the imagination and provides motivation for night and early morning hikes to explore the incredible plant and bird life nesting and feeding in the surrounding primary and secondary rainforest of the preserve.

Visitors to Pachijal Reserva Ecologica can use the lodge as a comfortable all inclusive resort to experience their choice of tranquility, for yoga, artistic retreats or adventure, with expeditions of birding, tubing, hiking, or horseback riding led by experienced indigenous guides.  Pachijal Reserva Ecologica packages start at $200 for 3 days / 2 nights, includes escorted tours, lodging and food.

Ecuador packs everything a traveler could want into a country the size of Colorado; historic Quito – a UNESCO world heritage site, towering active volcanoes, Amazonian jungle, dense cloud forest, exotic bird life, snowy Andes and the Galapagos Island chain unique in all the world for wildlife encounters.  Located in the Pacific Time Zone, within 3 to 6 hours flight time from the US, the people are welcoming and the travel value is exceptional.

Just returned from a 3 day/2 night stay at Pachijal Lodge, Mindo. What a fantastic few days! Our host Jaime was great company and very attentive to our needs. Our guide, Julia, was able to show us some fantastic Species including Choco toucan, Sword billed hummingbird, Golden head quetzal, Black and White Owl, Antpittas and Andean Cock of the Rock. All in a smashing few days, clocking up over 100 species in breathtaking landscapes. Cannot recommend this lodge and its staff enough. James, UK (BirdForum)

Pachijal Reserva Ecologica invites all journalists and media representatives to a discounted introductory site visit.   Please contact:  Renato Gregorini