Miloš Stanković MBE

“I worked for a number of years on CBS’s The Amazing Race as a security and health & safety advisor during the production phase of each season. For the security and safety team, this was forty days of continuous travel once around the globe in a fast-moving, ever-changing and self-directing scenario. It can best be described as forty days of controlled crisis. Short of war, it is one of the most challenging environments I have worked in. It required of the security team enormous flexibility of response as events and unexpected situations unfolded, almost on a daily basis. We could not have done our jobs without Ingrid’s unwavering 24/7 logistic support. Night or day she responded with calm efficiency and good humour to our short-notice demands for change. Utterly dependable and highly efficient, Ingrid Lantz’s support was our bedrock of stability and the critical success factor that kept us moving and CBS’s multi-Emmy award-winning show safe, season after season. I recommend her services without reservation or hesitation.”